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Wonder what
the development at Tsuut’ina means for its legacy?

50 years of planning by Tsuut’ina has led to the development of 1200 acres that will actualize generational prosperity, growth and cultural security for its citizens.

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you can easily learn words and phrases in Tsuut’ina?

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Wonder how
big the largest indigenous development in North America will be?

At 1200 acres, Taza represents 25 million square feet of leasable space and is considered the largest Indigenous-led development in North America and possibly the world!

Wonder how
to pronounce “TAZA”?

“Taza” was a name given to the development by Tsuut’ina elders. The word comes from the “Star Boy” story, a traditional Tsuut’ina tale that has been passed down through generations. Taza is pronounced /Ta-Zah/ which means:

“Something Wondrous is Coming”
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Shopping, recreation, innovation and Convenience is coming to SW Calgary

Taza’s 1200 acre footprint will be comprised of 3 large villages stretching ten kilometres along Tsuut’ina Trail. Taza is leveraging this connectivity and convenience to fill a long unfulfilled need for amenities along the Southwest corridor for Calgarians. Totalling $13B, this master planned development will be a dynamic place that welcomes and connects tenants, customers, and visitors to the Tsuut’ina Nation, to the land and to each other.

A Case Study in corporate reconciliation

Taza is the intersection where culture and commerce meet and is a real-life example of economic reconciliation in its purest sense. Businesses like Metro Ford have completely reimagined their approach and operations to include the rich cultural traditions and values of the Tsuut’ina as part of their engagement with Taza. Take a look at how Metro Ford’s new branding is much more than just a logo.

Unveiling the Metro Ford Logo

Big things are happening at Taza

These businesses have become partners in Taza’s vision.


Three villages, each with their own unique focus. Whether your business is retail, commercial, residential, agricultural, entertainment or professional there is a home for your operation at Taza. Click on the villages to discover which is the right fit for your business.


Click on the villages to discover more.


Taza Park encompasses 530 acres and has been planned as a dynamic mixed-use community of retail, office and residential uses along with recreation and entertainment destinations that have a regional and provincial draw. The development is further enhanced by a pedestrian-friendly Market Street for shopping, dining and social activities and features a cycle network along with acres of new parkland that connects to the nearby Weaselhead area and west Calgary. Where an exciting day out becomes a night to remember. 

Eagle Landing (phase 1 of Taza Park) is underway. 


Affinity Based Planning is a key principle of this plan. This approach will will create strong ties between groups through their day-to-day behaviours, and will create novel ways of interaction around common purpose that ultimately lead to innovation. Crossing will eventually become the proud home of Eco Hubs, Living Labs, Eco-Arts Districts, a Cultural Park, Innovation Centres and EV/ Autonomous Mobility Networks. – Interested in discovering more?


Taza Exchange encompasses 390 acres that offers unique retail, office and tourism opportunities. This major regional destination features high-quality shopping, dining, and recreation—all presented in a vibrant location where Tsuut’ina and Calgary intersect. Infused with the Nation’s history, culture and storytelling, the site creates an unparalleled experience for visitors. Where people and place come together.

The Shops At Buffalo Run (phase 1 of Taza Exchange) is underway.

TAZA PARK Learn more

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